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January, 2025

Pauly Shore as Richard Simmons. 

Biopic In Association with Warner Brothers, The Wolper Org. Life’s A Beach, Inc and Pauly Shore as Richard Simmons. 


Life's A Beach. INC


World Release, 2025

21Miles In Malibu

Stretching 21 miles along the beautiful Malibu coast, the Pacific Coast Highway has proven to be one of the most deadly stretches of asphalt on Earth.


21 Miles In Malibu


4th quarter, 2024

Men Talk 2

Men often remain silent about their struggles, and our goal through this podcast produced thru Cannella Media, is to initiate a transformative conversation on this topic. We envision a groundbreaking approach that will expose profound and shocking truths through compelling discussions with remarkable @ least outwardly very successful and regular men, experts and topics not often spoken about… men’s issues only. Men’s Products and services exclusively.




December 5th, 2024

Battle Of The Sexes Pickle Ball

From the Executive Producer of "The Battle of The  Sexes" franchise and Warner Brothers, comes "All Things. Equal" Pickleball Match of the Century! Televised Sports Spectacular.

Screen Shot 2023-05-20 at 8.41_edited.png

Life's A Beach. INC

Unknown-1 copy.jpeg

4th Quarter, 2024

A Documentary released by HBO MAX/ID




June, 2024

New All Matte Black Pilates Pro Max

Life's A Beach Pilates PRO Chair Max Matte Black with Sculpting Handles

+ Shape Transform & Reform + Total Gym Home Workout +

Exercise Equipment + Adjustable Resistance Levels


Life's A Beach. INC


July 8th, 2021

James Peter Henry Art

Big announcement soon!




June 10, 2021

David Krieff & Tracey Bregman on TSC!

David Krieff & Tracey Bregman featuring the Pilates Pro Chair Max on TSC.

TSC Logo_edited.jpg

The Shopping Channel


February, 2022

Introducing BootyBridge!

An all new way to work on your glute's in the comfort of your own home. With in depth tutorials that will inspire and encourage you to achieve that perfect beach bod.



Workout Resistance Bands

November 1,2,3,4th, 2022

Workout Resistance Bands.

These all new resistance bands can be used in addition to Pilates chair workouts or provide an alternative at home bands workout. The bands allow you to focus on multiple muscle groups such as the chest, arms, glutes and legs, and abs. They are also great to increase mobility and help with physical therapy/recovery exercises.


Life's A Beach. INC

Growing up joey.JPG

coming 2023!

David Krieff on ABC's 20/20, & ET/The Insider, special "Joey" Netflix Movie/Narratively/WB Podcast...sit down interview.

2022 is the 30th Anniversary year of this True Crime Drama. The Buttafuoco family has spent their lives in and out of the spotlight, beginning with that tragic day in May 1992 when Mary Jo Buttafuoco was shot in the face by the teenage girl who was having an affair with her husband, Joey. What you haven't heard is the TRUE story of a young Joey abused in the worse ways possible....this is a MenToo, story!




September 23, 2022

Carol Alt on HSN with the Pilates Pro Chair!

Home Shopping Network featured carol alt as the Pilates Guru to help show off The New Pilates Pro Chair!


Home Shopping Network


September 18, 2022

A sustainable and carbon friendly solution to plastic straws is here!

Industrial Hemp is a great solution to provide a sustainable and carbon friendly source of material. Its versatility for uses makes it easier to help the positive impact we make on this world.


The Hemp Straw


August 30 - 31, 2021

Tracey Bregman's full body work out on The Pilates Pro Chair on TSC!

"Pilates Pro Chair is amazingly versatile. It is great for beginners, and fitness fanatic's." Check out the Pilates Pro Chair with Tracey Bregman on TSC Toronto! LIVE!!

TSC Logo_edited.jpg

The Shopping Channel


February 6, 2019

Susan Lucci's sit down interview and update on her health.

“Ninety percent blockage — I was shocked,” Lucci tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “I’m lucky to be alive.”Pilates Pro Chair has literally saved my life!




October 11, 2018

Carol Alt's endorsement of "The Miracle In A Night" Microfiller Patch.

"I’m so excited about this product. I can’t believe there’s a natural product that can deal with those pesky wrinkles. OMG! Appropriately impressed! Wow! Beyond words!"

Life'sABeach-Letterhead-5_23_14 copy.jpe

Life's A Beach, Inc


September 19, 2019

Susan Lucci is feeling better than ever before!

The stunning 71-year-old All My Children icon is modeling swimsuits in a new, completely unretouched photo shoot for Harper's Bazaar's October issue. "I feel as good now as I ever did in my 20s and 30s, maybe even better physically," Lucci, who has been doing Pilates Pro Chair by Life's A Beach, Inc. for over two decades, tells the publication.


E Online


September 19, 2018

Swimsuit-Clad Susan Lucci Is Fit and Fabulous in Unretouched Images

The 71-year-old actress is completely ageless in unretouched photos for Harper's Bazaar's October issue, where she reveals exactly how she's maintained her impressively fit physique with Pilates Pro Chair by Life's A Beach, Inc.


ET Online


September 19, 2018

Susan Lucci, 71, Poses in Unretouched Swimsuit Photos

Susan Lucci nearly broke the internet earlier this year when photos of the soap star in a teeny tiny bathing suit surfaced. The 71-year-old looked absolutely ageless in her swimwear, and she’s fully embracing her signature style in a new editorial spread for Harper’s BAZAAR, posing in sexy one-pieces in completely unretouched photos.She credits Pilates Pro Chair in the article!



Susan Megan Kelly.JPG

September 18, 2018

Susan Lucci looks fabulous in Harper’s Bazaar: Megyn Kelly panel

Actress and entrepreneur Susan Lucci, 71, looks stunning in recent, unretouched photos in Harper’s Bazaar magazine! Megyn Kelly talks about Lucci’s lifestyle practices, Pilates and her life with NBC’s Stephanie Gosk, TODAY’s Craig Melvin and PBS’ “In Principle” co-host Amy Holmes.




September 18, 2018

Susan Lucci, 71, sizzles in unretouched swimsuit photos

Age is but a number for soap opera legend Susan Lucci.

Page Six_edited.jpg

Page Six


September 18, 2018

'I feel as good now as I EVER did in my 20s'

Susan Lucci looks really, really good — and not just really, really good for a 71-year-old woman.She credits Pilates and the Pilates Pro Chair for here extraordinary physique.


Daily Mail Online

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