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How we can Help Your Brand

It takes time, extraordinary creativity, hands-on-experience, knowledge of your market and your goals, above average passion and dedication, and lots of “chutzpah” to create and implement a concept that is unique, yet wide-reaching, simple, yet right on target, within the budget and truly rewarding for both your company and  your customers.


As business owners ourselves, we understand that every marketing dollar spent must generate positive results, so we don’t make assumptions about your marketing strategy. Instead, we learn everything there is to know about your business, customers, culture and brand, then get to work to develop new ways to help your product/service connect with the people who need it and take your business to the next level of growth.

David Krieff and his team always hard at work

It starts with us putting together your marketing “DREAM TEAM”


Life’s A Beach, Inc, during its contractual arrangement with your company, will assemble a team of dedicated specialists to create and test your new marketing strategy and then take it to market.


That team may include Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) as well as Direct-to-Business (D2B) marketing strategists, creative writers, artists and designers, film and TV production  crew (producer, director, editor, etc), media buying entity, USP and testimonial experts and talents, as well as the engaging of a noteworthy celebrity or celebrities if needed.                                                


LAB Direct Marketing Expertise

Production Development

  • Trademark Searches/Filings

  • Packaging

  • Instructions

  • Copy Writing

  • Photography

  • Logo Design

  • Legal Review

  • Expert Review


  • Telemarketing

  • Customer Service

  • Media Buying & Analysis

  • Purchasing &  Inventory control

  • Website Develpoment & Maintaince

  • Funding

  • Merchant Number

Infomercial Production


  • Radio

  • Producer

  • Director

  • Producer Agreement

  • Talent Agreement

  • Cameo/Experts

  • USP  & Foundation Documents

  • Script writing

  • Budget

  • Claims

  • Substantiation

  • Expert Review (PHD)

  • Legal Review                           - Outside FDA &FTC Counsel

  • P&L Analysis

  • Website Development

  • Projections


How We Work

By brainstorming, experimenting and putting ideas on paper, we will develop an array of innovative content, media and marketing solutions with very unique selling propositions (USP’s) that will not only serve as the graphic look and feel for your new project, but will also help capture a large percentage of viewers, listeners and readers –- especially the nearly20% who are now turning away from traditional media and online advertising.


Once we select the concepts that we feel most strongly about, we present them to you, seeking feedback. Based on your likes and dislikes, we will make revisions and tweaks as necessary and continue to refine the selected concept until we arrive at a single execution that all agree should become a reality.


The new strategy will then be produced and tested, and your manufacturing, multi-channel marketing schedule and distribution network will be launched. Your message will be sent out into the world, and we will start focusing on handling your responses. It may be possible to test your product in retail chains like Target both in-store and on-line.


Your product/service will be marketed through LAB’s concepts via traditional and new avenues of media including Print, Broadcast, Web, Event Entertainment, News, Home Shopping (QVC, First Position and Retail), Long and Short Form DRTV, DR Radio, DM, celebrity attachments, endorsements, English and foreign language TV & Talk show appearances, associations with other non-competitive brands, PR and sales programs for the Internet, social networks and TV, entertainment industry promotions, redirections to websites and other destination web sites for immediate product purchase. Your brand would have the potential to not only become one of the most desired, trusted and successful in it’s category, it would also establish your company as an innovator and leader in its field… which can then evolve your brand to the 22nd century.

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